from bash to zsh

My experiences at shell was limited to Bash only. But I found ‘zsh’ from github explorer. Nevertheless so many people were using or contributing I faced this shell nearly today. Replacement was started just right after.

  1. Powerful ‘auto completion’. – I often access or modify folders written with Korean or special characters. But it is very hard to type. Sometimes it’s really difficult even though using ‘Tab’. Zsh supports cursor selectable auto-completion. Also auto-completion available with pieces of characters in the middle of the file names!!
  2. Beautiful and efficient functional themes!
  3. history-substring-search : When you use ‘history’ command it was available only with history indexes. But zsh let you can select commands from the history with parts of commands through up and down keys!!

These 3 main benefits were enough to change shell from bash to zsh.

zsh installation
Prompt will come out after installation to help settings but please quit with selection of ‘q’.
Because “oh-my-zsh”(framework for zsh) to be installed followed will backup old settings at this stage will be backup and re-created.

I’m using ‘iterm2’ for terminal.

So many ways to install zsh at mac exists but I chose ‘brew’. If ‘brew’ was not installed refer below.

Plz install ‘zsh’ and ‘wget’ also.

At first you can see prompt like this.


You can think just ‘$’ was changed to ‘%’. That’s all? oh-my-zsh will help repaint your shell.

oh-my-zsh installation

oh-my-zsh is community-driven frame for helping settings of zsh. You can install with git clone. It supports auto update and almost famous themes and plugins are included inside.

Yeah. Right. finished. You can see colorful prompt like below.


But it is still far way beyond a our expectations. Let’s change zsh theme to ‘agnoster’ with modifying ‘~/.zshrc'(ZSH_THEME=”agnoster”)

※If fonts were broken please install the power line fonts.(

I would recommend linux(remote connection environment) and OSX respectively. Because at OSX terminal app(iterm2) will support color preset and powerline fonts at OS but at remote connection environment these settings are not supported sometimes. So please use lighter theme at linux. (This is just my personal use case)

I’m using Cobalt2 at OSX and ‘nanotech’ at Ubuntu now. Cobalt2 looks similar with ‘agnoster’ but long host name and user name are not displayed(Mac will be used just for someone’s personal space almost time like same with me.). ‘nanotech’ uses the default fonts so fonts are displayed at all terminal I used. Also current time and right side display of git branch name were very attractive for me.






생각이 세상을 바꿀 수 있다고 믿습니다. 생각하는 힘을 기릅시다.

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