RAM of the server was enlarged to 8 times!!

Brief description of services on this server is like below.  Frequency of each services are almost similar. Performance was not nearly effected even the media service is doing real time streaming.

Web folder – Pydio(+webdav)
Web server – wordpress, trac, JIRA, redmine
Media Server – PLEX, minidlna
Torrent server
IP camera backup

Until the installation of JIRA upgrade was not needed at all. (JIRA installation was not effected the service performance of other services. WOW!) My server is N40L of HP and it is one of the Gen7 generations. I used the 2GB ram that was installed at first. But JIRA made me beyond bearing. It took 1min~2min until all the contents are loaded at brower…..sometimes it stuck during page loading…I could know all these were because of ‘tomcat the big guy.

I couldn’t wait no more. N40L supports ECC RAM. But I installed the normal DDR RAM(2GB->16GB). I don’t have any needs for error corrections. After installation I open the JIRA page apart frmo everything else…


This feeling…
the feeling can feel at the first use of LTE services..
the feeling of sudden relief…

Free size is upgraded

RAM size was increased to 16GB. ‘Free’ was from 100MB to 12GB… I was doing bad things to server definitely…


Normal state after installation.

This upgrade made me calm for the upgrading to GEN8 series.

Good job transpine….haha



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